• Transportation of passengers in a comfortable vehicle.
  • Driver-guide available during the excursion.
  • Guided tour and introduction to cultural and historical heritage.
  • Bed and breakfast in 4-5* apartment or hotel
  • Trip organization
  • Speleo adventure Pazinska jama
  • Zip line Pazin
  • Kayak safari Premantura

Explore Istria

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Active vacation in Istria

Explore the natural beauty of Istria, discover hidden locations, try new sports activities and enjoy the rich gastronomic offer!

Where is Istria?

  • It is located on northern part of the Adriatic, is the largest Croatian and Adriatic peninsula. The border of Istria runs along a line from Milje bay to Preluka bay.
  • It is the center of the region Pula and the more important cities and municipalities are Pazin, Poreč, Rovinj, Opatija, Umag, Novigrad, Labin, Buzet and Motovun.

Why visit Istria?

  • Istria represents the real a paradise for cycling and hiking with enchanting nature. Explore the sunlit peninsula and try the unique gastronomic offer of Istria.
  • From hidden coves to beaches with many attractions, Istria has everything you need for a complete summer vacation.
  • If you are lover of adrenaline activities, explore Istria by kayak, or venture out on a parachute jump and explore the peninsula in a slightly different way.

What is Istria hiding?

  • Učka Nature Park - Lush vegetation is favored by the proximity of the sea. The rocky ridge of the highest peak of Učka stands out, with the old lookout tower Vojak.
  • Vela Draga - canyon valley and natural monument located at the northwestern foot of Učka. It is one of the most beautiful geomorphological phenomena in Croatia.
  • Pazin Cave - is a unique hydrogeological phenomenon for the entire Dinaric Karst, it is protected and declared an important landscape. It was created right on the border of gray and red Istria.
  • Premantura Peninsula - The southernmost place of the Istrian peninsula, due to its proximity to the Kamenjak nature park, becomes one of the main tourist destinations.
  • Kotli - an uninhabited village in the interior of Istria, they got their name from the cauldron-shaped hollows dug out by the Mirna flowing through a stone bed.
  • Istria hides much more than that, it's up to you to explore its hidden beauties!

Explore Istria - 3 days of adventure

1. Day

  • Car ride Zagreb - Učka Nature Park
  • Hiking trip to Vojak
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Visit to the small town of Hum
  • Overnight in accommodation

Try new activities

2. Day

  • Istrian breakfast
  • Speleo adventure Pazinska jama
  • Sopot waterfall - Zarečki krov
  • Dinner at a local restaurant
  • Overnight in accommodation

Taste traditional food

3. Day

  • Istrian breakfast
  • Kayak safari with a tour Premantura
  • Visit to Vela Draga
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Car ride Premantur - Zagreb

Sleep surrounded by nature

For a complete experience of exploring Croatia, our tours can be combined!

A new adventure waits for you, relax and enjoy!

Day 1st

We start from Zagreb, with short stops we reach Učka Nature Park. From the Poklon mountain lodge, we follow a forest path that leads us towards Vojak peak. After an hour and a half of hiking, we reach the top. 

Vojak is the highest peak of Učka and the Istrian peninsula. Its top is a bare grass ridge with steep sides, at the top of which is a ten-meter-high stone observation tower. Its terrace, which is reached by 30 steps, is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in all of Croatia.

From the top you can see the whole Istria, the Gulf of Rijeka, the northern Adriatic with islands, Gorski kotar, Velebit and Ćićarija, and when the air is clear, the Gulf of Trieste, the Julian Alps and even the Dolomites in Italy.

We continue our journey towards the place Hum, which is referred to as the smallest city in the world. After a full day's stay in nature, we arrive at the accommodation. In the evening we rest for a new day full of new adventures.

  • Trip duration – (Učka): 3h
  • Trip difficulty: Easy
  • Total length: 6 km
  • Altitude difference: 1000m

Day 2nd

In the morning we leave for speleoadventure in Pazinska Jama which is a protected speleological object and is not arranged for tourism. The underground part of the track has a total length of about 200m, and ends with a large hall and an 80 meters long underground lake. Inside the speleological facility there is a smaller zip line that takes visitors to the other side of the underground lake. After exploring the underground of Pazin, we visit the Sopot waterfall and Zarečki krov, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Istria.

Zareč roof is a spacious cave that resembles a roof above which the river Pazinčica creates a ten-meter-high waterfall, while the Sopot waterfall is about 25 meters high and forms a beautiful turquoise lake at its foot. What makes the area around the waterfall even more special is Centuries-old bridge – built in Napoleon's time.

Tired from the whole day's adventure, we arrive at the accommodation. In the evening we rest for a new day full of new adventures.

  • Trip duration – (Pazin cave): 2. h
  • Trip difficulty: Easy

Day 3rd

On the last day of our trip we will visit Premantura, the southernmost part of the Istrian peninsula. On a small peninsula in the immediate vicinity of Premantura, Cape Kamenjak is located. Due to its exceptional beauty and diversity of plant and animal species it is a protected area.Kayak safari is the best way to explore this unique natural oasis that includes almost 30 km of coastline. We will visit the nearby caves and explore beautiful bays and beaches. 

During the half-day kayaking tour, we will enjoy unforgettable scenes and the clear blue sea. We will have enough time to dive, but also to rest. In the afternoon we leave for Zagreb. On the way back we stop at Vela Draga, where we will witness unreal scenes of one of the most beautiful geomorphological phenomena in this area. With this our Istrian adventure ends, a car ride to Zagreb follows.

  • Trip duration – (Kayaking Premantura):5h
  • Trip difficulty: Easy/moderate


Our excursions offer high quality accommodation in apartments and hotels with 4-5*, breakfast is included to ensure a great start to the day. We cooperate with the best-rated accommodations in order to provide you with a pleasant and relaxing space where you can have a quality rest after a day spent in nature.


Our tours take you to local restaurants, where you can taste unique and delicious regional cuisine. From traditional local dishes to fine dining options, our guides will help you choose the best restaurant options that suit your preferences. Meals at local restaurants are not included in the tour price, giving you the freedom to choose the dishes that best suit your taste.


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For a complete experience of exploring Croatia, our tours can be combined!



April, May, October690€/person

Children 8-12 years old: 620 €/person

One bed room: 810 €/person

June September790€/person

Children 8-12 years old: 720 €/person

One bed room: 910 €/person


  • Transportation of passengers in a comfortable vehicle with all costs of tolls, parkings and fuel
  • Driver-guide available throughout the trip
  • Bed and breakfast in 4-5* apartment or hotel
  • Trip organization
  • Speleo adventure Pazinska jama
  • Zip line Pazin
  • Kayak safari Premantura


  • Personal expenses (drinks, food, etc.)

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