• Transportation of passengers in a comfortable vehicle.
  • Driver-guide available during the excursion.
  • Guided tour and introduction to cultural and historical heritage.
  • Bed and breakfast in 4-5* apartment or hotel
  • Trip organization
  • Speleo adventure cave Modrić 
  • Kayaking Zrmanja
  • Ticket to NP Paklenica

Explore N. Dalmacija

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N. Dalmatia





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Active vacation in Northern Dalmatia

Explore the natural beauties of Northern Dalmatia, discover hidden locations, try new sports activities and enjoy the rich gastronomic offer!

Where is N. Dalmatia?

  • Northern Dalmatia begins south of Starigrad at the foot of the Velebit mountain, east of the island of Pag and extending through the hinterland to Knin.
  • It is the center of the region the city of Zadar, and there are more that stand out from the more famous places Biograd na Moru, Sukošan, Obrovac, Pag, Nin, Starigrad and Vir.

Why visit N. Dalmatia?

  • This part of Dalmatia represents the real one a paradise for walkers, mountaineers and nature lovers which can unhindered explore sun-drenched islands, mountains, national parks, but also try unique Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Wild greenery and sharp rocks represent a special experience and a perfect place for an active vacation away from the city crowds.

What does N. Dalmatia hide?

  • River Zrmanja - it is 69 km long and passes through a wild and rocky landscape in which it created a 200meter deep magnificent canyon.
  • National Park Paklenica - NP Paklenica- area of ​​recognizable canyons of Velika and Mala Paklenica, vertically incised into the southern slopes of the Velebit mountain.
  • Island of Pag - it is known for the weak coverage of vegetation in some of its parts, which is often compared to the surface of the Moon.
  • River Krupa - is a clear and cold mountain river adorned with 19 waterfalls, located on the southern slopes of Velebit and is the largest tributary of Zrmanja.
  • South Velebit - stretches from Oštarije to the mali Alan pass, it is adorned by the peaks of Sveto Brdo and Vaganski Vrh - the highest peak of Velebit.
  • N. Dalmatia hides much more than that, it's up to you to explore its hidden beauties!

Explore N. Dalmatia - 3 days of adventure

1. Day

  • Car ride Zagreb - Velebit Nature Park
  • Hiking trip to Tulove Grede
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Sunset viewpoint Pariževačka glavica
  • Overnight in accommodation

Try new activities

2. Day

  • Traditional breakfast
  • Kayaking Zrmanja 
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Kudin bridge on Krupa
  • Overnight in accommodation

Taste traditional food

3. Day

  • Traditional breakfast
  • Speleo adventure cave Modrić
  • Hiking trip Nature Park Paklenica
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Driving Starigrad - Zagreb

Sleep surrounded by nature

For a complete experience of exploring Croatia, our tours can be combined!

A new adventure waits for you, relax and enjoy!

Day 1st

We start from Zagreb, with short stops we arrive to the Velebit Nature Park. Our first adventure is a climb to Tulove grede, a mountain formation made up of towers and cracks which form one of the most beautiful and fascinating rocks on Velebit. After a fifty minutes hiking to the top (1120 m above sea level), we can witness a beautiful view to the Zrmanja canyon, the islands of the middle Adriatic and the northern and central slopes of Velebit.

IMPORTANT: The ascent to the top of Tulove grede requires a certain amount of experience. On the marked path, there are some cables which help with the ascent. For people with a lack of experience, without suitable footwear and those who are afraid of heights - it is not recommended to climb to the very top. The path to the foot of Tulove grede is not technically demanding, and you can already admire the beauty of the landscape from there.

We continue our journey towards the viewpoint Pariževačka glavica from where there is a wonderful view to the Zrmanja canyon. In the evening, we rest for a new day full of new adventures.

  • Trip duration – (Tulove grede): 2.5 hours
  • Trip difficulty: Moderate
  • Total length: 3 km
  • Altitude difference: 1000m

Day 2nd

After breakfast we go kayaking along the river Zrmanja, we paddle into new adventures along the spectacular canyon. The beginning of the tour is on a calmer part of the river, suitable for quick learning of the rowing techniques. At the firth of the Krupa river, we will take a break, in a small turquoise lagoon with a 8-meter waterfall, ideal for swimming and jumping. After you've filled up with energy, we continue kayaking and that's where the real fun begins. We will paddle through the rapids and down the waterfalls, swim and admire the beauty of nature that has shown itself here in all its glory.

In the afternoon we will visith the Krupa canyon, more precisely Kudin most, the hidden beauty of the Dalmatian hinterland. In the evening, we rest for a new day full of new adventures.

  • Trip duration – (Rafting Zrmanja): 2.5 hours
  • Trip difficulty: Moderate
  • Total length: 7 km

Day 3rd

The last day of our trip begins with a drive to Starigrad. Unspoiled nature, without reflectors, will provide us an opportunity to become speleologists for the day and visit one of the most beautiful caves in the Mediterranean. Modrić cave. Lead by experienced caving guides, equipped with helmets and headlamps, we will discover the underground world of natural creations.

We spend the afternoon hiking in the Paklenica National Park. Passing through the spectacular canyon, we reach the Paklenica Mountain Lodge, where we take a break and rest along the Velika Paklenica stream. Tired of adventures, we can refresh ourselves with some swimming at Starigrad beach. With this our Dalmatian adventure ends , a car ride to Zagreb follows.

  • Trip duration – (Hellfire):4h
  • Trip difficulty: Moderate
  • Total length: 6 km
  • Altitude difference: 1200m


Our excursions offer high quality accommodation in apartments and hotels with 4-5*, breakfast is included to ensure a great start to the day. We cooperate with the best-rated accommodations in order to provide you with a pleasant and relaxing space where you can have a quality rest after a day spent in nature.


Our tours take you to local restaurants, where you can taste unique and delicious regional cuisine. From traditional local dishes to fine dining options, our guides will help you choose the best restaurant options that suit your preferences. Meals at local restaurants are not included in the tour price, giving you the freedom to choose the dishes that best suit your taste.


On our tours, we offer comfortable and reliable transportation so that you can safely reach your destination. Our Explorer van accommodates up to eight guests, ensuring everyone has enough space to relax and enjoy the trip. Our van is equipped with air conditioning and comfortable seats, which allows everyone a smooth and pleasant ride. Our vehicles are well maintained and in top condition in order to provide the highest level of safety.

For a complete experience of exploring Croatia, our tours can be combined!



April, May, October690€/person

Children 8-12 years old: 620 €/person

One bed room: 810 €/person

June September790€/person

Children 8-12 years old: 720 €/person

One bed room: 910 €/person


  • Transportation of passengers in a comfortable vehicle with all costs of tolls, parkings and fuel
  • Driver-guide available throughout the trip
  • Bed and breakfast in 4-5* apartment or hotel
  • Trip organization
  • Speleo adventure cave Modrić 
  • Kayaking Zrmanja
  • Ticket to NP Paklenica


  • Personal expenses (drinks, food, etc.)

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What type of transportation is used on tours?

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Are all tour activities safe?

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