• Transportation of passengers in a comfortable vehicle.
  • Driver-guide available during the excursion.
  • Guided tour and introduction to natural and cultural heritage.

Hiking Risnjak & Lake Lokvar

1 day


Gorski Kotar





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 Zagreb - Veliki Risnjak - Lokvar Lake - Lokvarka Cave - Zagreb

Where are National Park Risnjak and lake Lokvar situated?

  • National Park Risnjak and lake Lokvar are located in the north-western part of Gorski kotar, in the most forested part of Croatia, not far from the Slovenian border.
  • National Park Risnjak with its 63 square kilometers stretches through some of the most beautiful Croatian counties: Primorsko-Goranska and Ličko-Senjska county.

Why visit National Park Risnjak and lake Lokvar?

  • Because Lokvar lake is the highest lake in Croatia, located on 770 meters above the sea level, and Risnjak is the third oldest national park and one of the oldest in all of SE Europe.
  • Because the peak of Risnjak at a height of 1528 m offers a view of the Adriatic Sea, the Julian Alps and the entire Gorski Kotar that will be etched in your memory, and you will crave to see it once again.
  • Because Risnjak, due to its geographical isolation, is one of the least visited national parks in Croatia, thanks to which it preserved nature as it once was.
  • Because on lake Lokvar you can hear some of the best hunting tales and at least one that is true. About the largest caught californian trout in the world, a 138 cm long and weighing as much as 25 kg.

What are Risnjak National Park and lake Lokvar hiding?

  • National Park Risnjak is the home to the only big wild cat in Europe. You guessed it, a lynx after which the park got its name. Unfortunately, less than 60 individuals live in Croatia today, but some of them have found their home in Risnjak.
  • With more than 1100 plant species, 100 bird species, 90 butterfly species and more than 10 large mammal species National Park Risnjak is a true paradise for all nature lovers.
  • During hot summer days, National Park Risnjak and lake Lokvar offer real refreshment and rest from the city heat.
  • For all lovers of sport fishing, Lake Lokvar is offering rich underwater life. In the lake you can find fish such as: trouts, pikes, carps, chubs, and sunfishes.


  • 08:00 - departure towards NP Risnjak
  • 10:00 - arrival at the beginning of the trail
  • 12:30 - departure to the Lokvarka cave
  • 13:00 - entrance to the cave
  • 14:00 - departure to Lokvar lake
  • 14:15 - arrival at Lokvar lake - free time for a walk around the lake and lunch by the lake
  • 17:00 - departure to Zagreb
  • 19:00 - return to Zagreb

Trip itinerary (may vary depending on our walking pace and trail conditions)

Risnjak National Park hides diverse flora and fauna, including plant species such as fir, beech, spruce and hornbeam, and animal species such as wolf, lynx, bear and deer. In addition, the park boasts forests, rivers, lakes and mountain peaks that offer breathtaking views to every visitor. All this makes it an excellent place for hiking, camping and other outdoor recreational activities.

Along with the visit to the national park, on our trip we will see the Lokvarka cave, which is decorated with numerous stalactites and stalagmites, and at the end, the journey will take us to the Lokvar lake, where we will have time for late lunch.

After departure from your accommodation, the planned arrival at Risnjak National Park is at 10 a.m. From there, through a beautiful lush forest, we will head towards the top, where we will have some free time. Each, a bit more experienced hiker knows how impossible it is to describe the feeling when endless horizons open up before you. Therefore, instead of trying to describe in words what awaits you on top, you can check out a glimpse of the view in our gallery. After enjoying the view from 1528m, we will head back from where we started and drive towards the Lokvarka cave.

We enter the cave at 1 pm. The cave, although not as big as some others in Croatia, will enchant every visitor with its beauty and karst decorations. After a guided tour of the cave, we will head towards lake Lokvar, which, although artificial, looks as if it has always been in this place. In the local restaurant by the lake Lokvar, you will be able to taste traditional food for lunch. Followed by free time to absorb vitamin D or refresh in the lake.

Return to Zagreb in the late afternoon.



Adults: 149€

Children up to 16 years of age: 79€

Price for groups: upon request


  • Transportation of passengers in a comfortable vehicle with all costs of tolls, parkings and fuel
  • Driver-guide available throughout the trip
  • Trip organization


  • Personal expenses (drinks, food, etc.)
  • Entrance ticket to NP Risnjak 6€ and for the cave 11€

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