Explorer.hr was created in 2021 as a long-standing desire to combine various recreational activities on land, water and air into one story. Because of our love for nature, we decided to share the best of Croatia with you. With its beauty, it offers us countless adventures, and it's up to you to dare and become an explorer!

Why choose us?

Because after ten years of working in the mass tourism industry, we decided on a different approach to tourism. Instead of the most visited destinations, we focused on just as many beautiful, but lesser-known places!

We did it because we truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that how a person feels is often more important than what he sees at that moment. Therefore, more than ticking off a bucket list, our itineraries are dedicated to enjoying the moment and creating memories that will be etched in your memory forever.

Because we believe that with our approach we can relax the human mind, bring the physical body back into balance, and show to each of our guest how crucial spending time in nature is for our psycho-physical health.

And so, we ask you to relax and give us the opportunity to return you to nature, where we belong after all!

What do we offer?

On our one-day and multi-day trips, we offer a real break from the busy life that is sometimes difficult to escape from.

-Minimum 4-6 hours daily spent in nature,

-Meals in restaurants that offer traditional cuisine made from local ingredients,

-Activities that will positively wake up your body and give it a proper foundation for a healthy deep recovery sleep

In addition, we will do our best to make you feel at home, because regardless of the fact that you may be outside your home country, we believe that we all have the right to enjoy every corner of this beautiful planet. And that is why it is our duty, as your hosts, to provide you with the best possible conditions for your stay in this part of Europe.

Our goal!

  • To provide you with an active vacation that you will remember as the days when you had the best rest in your life.
  • Ignite your love for nature and activities in it because we know that it is hidden in each one of us.
  • Bringing you to a state of mind where, upon returning home, you will crave for going on for a walk in the forest, mountain or at least in your local city park.
  • To awaken your love, but above all respect for nature. And who knows, maybe full of respect and desire for understanding you will permanently return to it.

Who are we?


Founder of Explorer.hr, professional pilot and adventurer. From an early age, he has a great love for nature, sports and active recreation. Traveling to new places is his favorite activity. His hobbies are hiking, diving, sailing and skiing. He fluently speaks English and Hungarian.

His desire is to show you the most beautiful corners of Croatia in a slightly different way. To inspire you to explore new places and dare to try new activities.


The lead guide of Explorer.hr with many years of experience in tourism, but more importantly, with an inexhaustible desire to meet new people and places.

In addition to his work as a tourist guide, he works as a Polish and Ukrainian court interpreter. He likes nature and active vacation the most. His hobbies are tennis, sailing and football. He fluently speaks English, Russian, Polish and Ukrainian. Thanks to his education, he is an ideal interlocutor when it comes to history, literature and the geopolitical situation in the world.

Explorer van

On our tours, we offer comfortable and reliable transportation so that you can safely reach your destination.

Our Explorer van accommodates up to eight guests, ensuring everyone has enough space to relax and enjoy the trip. The van is equipped with air conditioning and comfortable seats, which allows everyone to have a smooth and pleasant ride on our adventures.

Our purpose!

Reconnecting and discovering all the benefits that nature offers us and that we can give back to her.

We would like to emphasize the importance of peace and mutual cooperation that nature teaches us and that is easily seen when we quiet our minds and become observers.

Our purpose is not only to travel, to see the beauty of our planet, but to break cultural and language barriers, to spread mutual understanding and peace that will give us the opportunity to create a better tomorrow.

If you share similar worldviews, it will be our pleasure to show you our little corner of peace and who knows, maybe tomorrow you will have the opportunity to show us yours!

Fill your life with wonderful memories from our travels!
Get ready, the adventure begins!