General travel conditions E-CAMPER d.o.o.

CONTENTS OF THE ARRANGEMENT Travel organizer Travel agency, E-CAMPER d.o.o. (hereinafter: the Organizer) guarantees the implementation of the program according to the described arrangement. The organizer will realize the content in its entirety, except in exceptional circumstances (natural disasters, war, riots, etc.)

PRIJAVE I PLAĆANJA Kupac se može prijaviti za putovanja putem interneta, putem obrasca za rezervaciju, e-maila ili telefonski .Tijekom prijavljivanja za višednevne ture kupac plaća 25% ukupne cijene, a 75% mora biti plaćeno najkasnije 21 dana prije predviđenog datuma polaska. Iznimno, rok može biti kraći u slučajevima kada se naglašavaju posebni uvjeti plaćanja ili kada je rok za putovanje kraći od 21 dana.

If the party does not make the payment of the arrangement by the date provided for the last payment, the travel organizer will consider that the party has canceled the trip and it will not be entitled to a refund of the funds paid in advance. On the day of the advance payment, the passenger signs the contract under the indication (I am familiar with the program and general conditions of travel, and I fully accept them - I confirm that I have been offered travel insurance). In this way, everything stated in these conditions becomes a legal obligation for the traveler and the organizer.

CIJENA PUTOVANJA Cijena svakog putovanja navedena je na ovoj web stranici i uključuje sve što je organizator putovanja naveo u programu putovanja. Dodatne  usluge su usluge koje nisu uključene u cijenu pa ih stoga putnik posebno plaća. Organizator zadržava pravo promjene objavljenih cijena u slučaju promijene cijena smještaja, prehrane, prijevoznih i dr. usluga, odnosno u slučaju promijene vrijednosnog odnosa valuta koje su osnova za izračunavanje cijene aranžmana. Za povišenje cijene aranžmana do 10% nije potrebna suglasnost kupca (povećanje se obračunava na sve dijelove uplate). U slučaju povišenja cijena većeg od 10%, kupac ima pravo odustati od putovanja bez obveze na nadoknadu štete.


The organizer is obliged to take care of the implementation of services as well as the selection of service providers with the attention of a good organizer and to take care of the rights and interests of passengers. The organizer is obliged to issue an invoice to the passenger for the paid trip. The organizer is obliged to provide the passenger with all the listed services for a particular arrangement in the program and is responsible to the passenger for any non-performance of services or part of the services. The organizer excludes any liability in case of change and non-performance of services caused by force majeure. For the safety and comfort of the client, the Organizer reserves the right to change the program without prior notice.


The organizer has the right to cancel the trip in case of circumstances that cannot be avoided or eliminated if they occur at the time of advertising and / or sale of services / programs.

The organizer has the right to cancel the trip if a sufficient number of customers is not expected for a particular arrangement. With the program for each arrangement, the organizer announces the minimum number of passengers. The organizer is obliged to inform all customers about the cancellation at least 5 days before the trip, and is obliged to offer the following options:

  1. The buyer can cancel the reservation completely, with a full refund.
  2. The buyer can choose a different travel date.

In case of extreme weather conditions, extraordinary circumstances that could not have been foreseen or avoided or occurred just before the start of the trip, the Organizer will postpone the activity. If a change of date is not possible, your payments will be refunded in full.


The passenger is obliged to: have valid travel documents (personal documents). The costs of loss or theft of personal documents during the trip are borne by the passenger. The attendant will help, but provided that the program runs smoothly.

The passenger is obliged to adhere to the rules of conduct in accommodation facilities, ie means of transport and not to prevent the smooth running of the travel program and not to endanger the rights of other passengers during the trip.

 U slučaju da putnik svojim ponašanjem uzrokuje štetu davatelju usluge u smještajnom objektu ili sredstvu prijevoza odnosno onemogućava redovno i nesmetano odvijanje programa putovanja dužan je takvu štetu odmah otkloniti odnosno nadoknaditi oštećenom pri čemu je u obvezi surađivati s davateljem tih usluga.

 If the Traveler endangers the regular and uninterrupted running of the travel program, (does not listen to the instructions of the tour guide, uses vulgar words, is late for departure ..) The organizer has the right to cancel the trip in addition to the right to compensation, in which case the trip will be considered passengers where the Organizer is not obliged to bear the cost of returning to the place of departure.

If in the above case described in the previous paragraph of this item the passenger is a minor or a child, the parent is obliged to accept the return of the child home or to come for his child, at his own expense. The passenger is obliged, without undue delay and taking into account the circumstances, to inform the organizer of any non-compliance found during the performance of the travel service covered by the travel contract in the arrangement.

If any of the travel services are not performed in accordance with the package travel contract, at the request of the passenger the organizer is obliged to correct this non-compliance, unless this is not possible or if the elimination of non-compliance would cause disproportionate costs taking into account non-compliance and value of travel services. affected by the non-compliance. In case of non-compliance with any of these obligations, the passenger is liable to the travel organizer for the damage.


If the passenger cancels or postpones the trip, he must do so in writing. The date of written cancellation sets the basis for calculating the costs that the organizer will charge according to the following scale:

  • for cancellations up to 30 days before the trip the organizer will charge 25% of the price
  • for cancellation from 29 to 15 days before the trip 50% of the price
  • for cancellation from 14 to 8 days before the trip 75% of the price
  • for cancellation from 7 to 0 days before departure, or for "no show", the organizer will charge 100% of the price

CLIENT INSURANCE All guests are insured against personal injury that may occur during local transfers or at the time he / she participates in organized outdoor activities.


In accordance with the Law on the provision of services in tourism, the organizer is obliged to offer the traveler a "package" of travel insurance consisting of: accident insurance, luggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance. By signing the contract, the passenger confirms that he has been offered a travel insurance package. In the event that the passenger requires these insurances, they can be contracted directly with one of the insurers or with E-CAMPER d.o.o., where E-CAMPER d.o.o. participates only as an intermediary.


Pursuant to the Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism, E-camper d.o.o. has a contract with the insurance company Generali for insurance against liability for damage caused to the passenger by non-fulfillment, partial fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations related to the package deal.


Contracted accommodation can be replaced only by accommodation in a facility of the same or higher category, at the expense of the organizer.


The traveler is obliged to inform the Organizer about all facts regarding his health, habits, etc., which could jeopardize the trip (if for health and other reasons he asks for a certain type of food, suffers from chronic diseases, allergies, etc.). We recommend paying for a health insurance policy.


The passenger provides personal data voluntarily. Personal data of passengers are needed in the process of realization of the agreed arrangements and will be used for further communication. The organizer undertakes not to take the personal data of passengers out of the country except for the purpose of realization of the agreed arrangements. The exception to the provision of personal data to third parties relates to the contracting of travel insurance policies, ie if the passenger concludes an insurance policy, then his personal data will be forwarded to the insurance company. Passengers' personal data will be stored in a database, in accordance with the Decision of the Management Board on the method of data collection and processing.


If the service program is not fully performed or its performance is of poor quality and below standard, and in case the customer is not satisfied with the accommodation, equipment or service provided, he must immediately contact an Agency employee (tour leader / representative) to find a satisfactory solution or replacement. . All refund requests must be submitted to the organizer in writing, within 7 days of the end of the program. The customer is entitled to a refund in the amount of the real value of the services not provided, while the maximum possible refund upon complaint may amount to the full price of the program. The buyer will waive the right to an ideal fee. All possible disputes come under the jurisdiction of the Court in Zagreb.


In the event that the Buyer is not satisfied with the manner in which his complaint has been processed, the Buyer has the right to court arbitration. The passenger and the organizer will strive for an amicable solution to the lawsuit, and in the event that an agreement cannot be reached, the case comes under the jurisdiction of the Court in Zagreb in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia.


In accordance with the Law, and in case of bankruptcy of the travel organizer, passengers caught on the trip as well as persons who have paid advance payments for the trip should contact the insurance company of the travel organizer.


General travel conditions are an integral part of the contract that the traveler concludes with the travel organizer By signing the travel contract, the traveler fully accepts the program and travel conditions.