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One day Explorer

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Kajak safari Mrežnica+Quad Samoborsko Gorje

Get away from your obligations for one day!

Have a unique experience that you will remember for a long time.

Raise your adrenaline dose and have fun!

1st Part-Mrežnica Adventure

Mrežnica deserves a special place among the rivers of the Croatian Karst, so it is not surprising that it is called one of the most beautiful in Croatia.
Depending on the wishes of the group, you can choose between a calmer lower course of the river or a faster upper course where a real adventure awaits us.
The lower course of the Mrežnica
Usually, the kayaking starts at Generalski stol and finishes in Zvečaj, on the edge of wilderness and civilization. Swimming and overcoming waterfalls are an integral part of the trip.
The upper course of the Mrežnica
We row on a section slightly longer than 5 km where we will cross over as many as 26 barriers and waterfalls. After a wide and spacious shallow stream, we come to the magnificent Rončevića waterfall, followed by Milkovića waterfall (8 m), which takes the breath away of every visitor.

2nd Part-Quad Adventue

After rest and lunch, the road leads us to the Samobor hills. A two-hour adrenaline quad ride through the green forests follows.
Depending on the wishes of the group, one can choose between an easier and a harder path.
Samoborsko gorje route- easier
Embark on a forest ride through the Samobor hills. A tour that offers the opportunity to gain new experiences in riding on four wheels.
Samobor hometown route -harder
Are you eager for new challenges? Join the ride that offers muddy and winding forest trails that will take you through the three largest and most famous peaks of the Samobor homeland.

Trip plan

  • 07:30-Departure main bus station
  • 08:00-Departure parking Arena Zagreb
  • 09:30-Arrival at Rafting
  • 10:00-Going to the starting position
  • 10:30-Preparation, instructions and start of the trip
  • 14:00-End of the trip
  • 14:30-Lunch at the restaurant Dp
  • 16:00-Departure to Samobor
  • 17:00-Introduction to the trip and directions
  • 17:30-The beginning of a quad safari
  • 19:30-End of the trip
  • 20:00-Return to Zagreb

A new adventure waits for you, relax and enjoy!

Rafting/Kayaking Mrežnica

The equipment we use

We use professional SOTAR rafting boats with a capacity of up to 10 people, each boat has an experienced skipper in charge of training and crew safety. The boat also has a waterproof bag or container (barrel) for cameras and the like. Each participant receives a helmet, paddle and vest, in case of colder or windy weather protective equipment neoprene suit, anorak. If it is a kayak trip, we use hypalon kayaks RobFin - a model for two adults and one child. Kayaks are very stable and easy to use. Each group has one or two guides (depending on size).

Bring with yourself: Depending on the weather, we suggest that you bring a T-shirt (long-sleeved T-shirt in colder weather), a bathing suit, a towel, spare socks, sandals or sneakers for water, a hat, cream and sunglasses and a camera. We also suggest that you bring spare clothes and shoes.

Quad safari Samobrosko Gorje

The equipment we use

Naše vožnje pračene su stručnim vodičem uz CF MOTO 450 L vozila koja će vam pružiti nezaboravno iskustvo off road vožnje. Svim korisnicima osiguravamo potkapu i kacigu. Za vožnju quadom potrebno je posjedovati važeću vozačku dozvolu B kategorije.Na quadovima se vozi po dvoje ako ima dva vozača putem se mogu izmjenjivati.

What to bring:The driver must bring a valid category B driver's license. We also suggest that you bring spare clothes and shoes. In case of rainy weather, we provide protective suits.

Additional information

Departures for one day Explorer tours:

  • When: Weekends or by appointment depending on available capacity
  • Where: Zagreb, Arena Center, parking lot at the main entrance. See map: https://bit.ly/2kDC6yR
  • Departure: at 8 a.m.
  • Return: Around 8 p.m.
  • How: A passenger van with 8 +1 seats.

If you want a private tour or have special wishes and requirements for your trip, feel free to contact us.


  • To book an appointment, it is necessary to book 5 days before the trip.
  • Payment only by the sent offer after the reservation is made.
  • The reservation can be canceled no later than two days before the trip, during which we charge the organization in the amount of 100 kuna and return the rest of the amount.
  • If the reservation is canceled on the day of the trip or the day before we keep the full amount of payment.
  • The minimum number of registered for the start of the trip is 4, in case of a smaller number it is not carried out, a new date is agreed
  • To drive a quad you need to have a valid category B driver's license

Travel dates:On request

Trip plan

  • 07:30-Departure main bus station
  • 08:00-Departure parking Arena Zagreb
  • 09:30Arrival at Rafting
  • 10:00Going to the starting position
  • 10:30Preparation, instructions and start of the trip
  • 14:00End of the trip
  • 14:30Lunch at the restaurant Dp
  • 16:00Departure to Samobor
  • 17:00Introduction to the trip and directions
  • 17:30The beginning of a quad safari
  • 19:30End of the trip
  • 20:00Return to Zagreb

Cijena: 690kn

Price includes:

  • Van transport (8 + 1, Wifi, AC,)
  • Rafting/kayaking Mrežnica
  • Quad ride Samoborsko Gorje
  • Refreshing drinks, snacks
  • Travel guide
  • Professional guides on each activity

Not includedin the price:

  • Individual travel expenses
  • Lunch (lunch break in the restaurant DP)

Why choose Explorer.hr?

Answer: You are tired of city crowds, hectic life, sitting at the computer all day? You want to relax in an interesting and active way but you do not have time to organize your vacation? Don't worry, Explorer.hr has a solution! We will make sure that your vacation is an unforgettable experience that you will remember for a long time. So pack your things and get ready for an adventure.

How can I book?

Answer: You can book tours through our website and for all information feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone.

Is there a minimum age?

Answer: The minimum age for tours is 12 years accompanied by parents. For independent travel the minimum age is 18 years.

What is the most convenient way to bring luggage?

Answer: Due to the convenience of transport, it is recommended to pack luggage in bags, avoid suitcases. Be sure to bring an additional backpack for excursions.

What is the maximum number of people on one tour?

Answer: Transport on tours is performed using passenger vans with a capacity of 8 + 1. If there is a greater interest in the tour, it is possible to organize two vans, then thethe maximum number of guests is 16.

What type of transportation is used on tours?

Answer: Transportation is performed using a passenger van with a capacity of 8 + 1.

Who are my companions?

Answer: By booking, you secure your place on a particular tour, if you travel alone or in pairs, you will be joined by other companions with whom you share transportation and accommodation. If you want a private tour, feel free to contact us.

I travel alone, will I have to pay extra?

Answer: If you like sharing a room with other companions, you don't have to. If you want a separate room you will have to pay extra.

Does your tours have restrictions?

Answer: Activities on the tours require medium physical fitness, so we do not recommend this tour to people of poorer health and poor mobility.

What if I don't pay the deposit on time?

Answer: If you do not pay the deposit within two working days after booking, it is canceled and you will be considered to have canceled the trip.

Do I get a refund in case of bad weather?

Answer: In case of extreme weather conditions, extraordinary circumstances that could not have been foreseen or avoided or occurred just before the start of the trip, the Organizer will postpone the activity. Rain alone is not a reason to cancel a trip or get a refund. Travel plans can be changed depending on the abilities and desires of the group, weather conditions. Unfortunately bad weather is always a possibility.

Are all tour activities safe?

Answer: The safety of our guests comes first! Each activity is performed according to the prescribed safety rules and reliable and quality equipment is used to perform them.