Tulove grede

Tulove grede are a strange karst phenomenon on Velebit. They are located in the Velebit Nature Park. They are 1 km long and with the highest peak 1120 m.

This karst formation consists of towers, pillars and cracks (grooves, grindstones). At the southern foot of the ridge, the grassy dolac Dolac floor of Tula predominates.


The highest peak of the Učka Nature Park is Vojak: it is also the highest peak of the Istrian peninsula, and rises 1401 meters above sea level. The tower on Vojak was built in 1911 because of the attractive view from this point of the peak ridge on Istria, the Kvarner Bay with the islands, the mountains of Gorski kotar, Velebit, the Alps and Italy.


The Risnjak mountain massif belongs to the mountains of the Dinaric Mountains and consists of several mountain peaks and is one of the most beautiful in Croatia.

The view from the top leaves the visitor breathless. It is open on all sides and equally beautiful in all directions. These beautiful views that stretch from 1528 m above sea level to the Kvarner Bay, Istria and the Julian Alps in neighboring Slovenia, will remain forever in the memory of every visitor.


Visočica (1,615 m) is one of the most important peaks of Velebit. It is located on the southeastern part of the mountain, and belongs to the peaks of South Velebit.

Views from the top are unobstructed in all directions, especially the one on Gospić, as well as on the peaks of Central and Southern Velebit.